Hand Crafted Prints



Carving details, brayer in hand, this salty, swimming, surfing, siren uses colors of the sea and sunsets.

Phoenix Seas hand carves her printing blocks,


creating texture and pattern onto paper and wood.

DSC_0382 (1)

Reminiscent of the 70’s, her designs give a wink to old San Diego, when there was more space on the sand and in the water…maybe our town these days in the Fall, when the chaos has gone home and whats left are sultry warm Indian Summer days, clear water, quiet beaches

and friendly faces.

DSC_0367 (1)



DSC_0395 (1)



DSC_0388 (1)


A native San Diegan, Phoenix has been aquatic since birth and was taught to swim early by both of her avid ocean swimming grandmothers. After studying Fine Art and Education in college in Northern and Central California, she returned to her roots, passed the Bar,  became a lawyer championing for the poor, and now lives along the shoreline relishing in nature.

Support local artists, and local merchants!

sizes range from 4×6″ – 9×13″ (paper) prints,

6x 14″ – 8×18″ on wood

available in 3 options: unframed: $22-$28,

framed: $32-$42,

wood: $52-$85

Phoenix’s prints can be found for sale, right off the walls at the following locations:

Mythologie Boutique, South Park   http://www.mythologyecoboutique.com

Promiscuous Fork, Crown Point  http://www.thepromiscuousfork.com

Bay Park Coffee  http://www.bayparkcoffee.com

North Park Nursery  http://northparknursery.com

or contact her directly via email: Phoenixsees@gmail.com

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