Made On Mars: handmade jewelry by Consuelo Egan


Rings stacking on rings, beads on silk, I always find inspiration in her display cases. Sea Glass, Seaweed and Silver, hand knotted pearls, semi precious and precious stones in silver and gold. Rings. Bracelets. Bangles. Pendants. Necklaces. Torch in hand, c’mon baby light my (hair on) fire! .

Consuelo  Egan

creates her one-of-a kind, often aquatic- inspired treasures in her small studio, breakers from WindandSea crashing in the distance.  Pounded silver, with waves, scales, dangling gems, pearls.

One enters her studio with hands at their sides. Caution!


Creativity is chaos and order, color and pattern stacked together, all making sense in its mess and rhythm of color and texture.  Every niche in her world comes alive with rich patterns and hues, silver, gold, gems and seaglass overlapping in clever and industrial ways, her natural light shining through every unique hand crafted piece.










           DSC_0356 (1)

Raised in Pasadena, Consuelo moved to our salty shores for college in 1997 where she studied Jewelry Design at UCSD.  … and shortly after, Made On Mars was born. And then her kids were born…. and in between with moments of peace, her style and portfolio grew,  and now that the kids are in preschool and elementary, she has time to dedicate to her fine craft.  Made on Mars is a living, thriving creature in itself.  Check out her wares locally at HOLIDAY ART IN THE GARDEN, a backyard art sale,

Saturday December 5,  from 11-2:00

Leslie’s Garden, 5571 Bellevue, La Jolla, CA  (private residence)

Or contact Chelo directly at (858) 361-3163

all jewelery not sold at show will be for sale on

Support community, buy from real artisans making unique creations.

DSC_0354 (1)

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