Sculpture by Catherine Irving,  full bio coming soon.


When you buy art, crafted by a real human, you’ve just made history. You then will own something that nobody else can claim, every single piece of hand crafted art is a piece of history.


When you buy art, crafted by a real human, you’ve just invested in community. The money you spend will very likely go to put food on the table, pay the bills… maybe even support more small businesses.


When you wear art, you stop ‘trending’ like the pack and you make your own path. We are not lemmings, find things that make you SHINE and be your unique awesome self. If wearing original art makes you feel good, then do it! If something you see makes you think of a loved one, buy it for them!  It’s such a great gift, when someone who really sees you and knows you finds that gift that reflects you.


Artists live it. They dream it, their work is frustrating, and alive and exciting and mournful, and spectacular and sometimes really simple… and all of that energy is infused and you can feel it if you listen closely.


Nothing and nobody is as grateful, as an artist who works hard and is blessed with people who support them and their work.

For the holidays I’ll be spotlighting some artists and artisans with links to their work, I hope you’ll be inspired to choose your gifting from them or others who create.

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