Martin Romo, San Felipe HERO


Meet Martin Romo.

Every so often you encounter someone who is truly living with inspiration.  My eyes are always open, looking for those people who are shaking things up, blazing their own path.

A few years ago while eating at Rosita Restaurant on the Malecon in San Felipe, we met Martin Romo. Everybody in town knows him, we lined up to meet him, the town hero. Since then we have followed him on Facebook and are daily inspired by his tireless efforts on building community and cleaning his town.

Yesterday, while driving home from down south, we ran into Martin planting trees along the street and he let me snap a few pictures. Planting trees. Cleaning the beach. Feeding abandoned dogs, Martin is that guy. That person who wakes up every day with a mission and purpose and he’s making a difference in his community. He’s planted hundreds of trees in San Felipe, plants and maintains gardens in local schools, he works with others to keep his town clean and safe. Coordinating his efforts with Playa Clean International, his local community, and occasionally the Mexican Government, Martin, with his piercing light eyes, is making quite an impact.

Driving through San Felipe, the town is clean and friendly.  Palm trees sway in the median. The glowing white sand beaches are beautiful and safe.

Learn more about Martin in this interview from The Baja Good Life Club: 2014.

Find and follow Martin on Facebook to see his everyday efforts:  Martin C Romo

Get Inspired and go make your mark, thank you Martin for your hard work!




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