Danny Daniels Shaper

Natural light, short lens.

Things move fast in the shaping room. Dust flies everywhere. Busy fast hands. There seems to be a sweet spot, between first getting there, warming up and moving around and getting that just right shot before my being there becomes annoying.

Wait, hold that, do that again…

Trying to be invisible while being in someones face.

I don’t really know the shot I want when I start, I just know when it’s there in front of me,  to catch that zen that happens when someone is totally in their groove. That is the thing, when someone is doing what they were put here on earth to do… to create and craft or build or move or help, in that perfect completely focused moment… that’s the moment I want to capture and bear witness to and preserve.

They stand out without even knowing them.

They carry a space around them

that is emotional and grounded and light. 

Its heavy.

Danny Daniels Kana Surf Designs







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