Hand Crafted Prints


Carving details, brayer in hand, this salty, swimming, surfing, siren uses colors of the sea and sunsets. Phoenix Seas hand carves her printing blocks, creating texture and pattern onto paper and wood. Reminiscent of the 70’s, her designs give a wink to old San Diego, when there was more space on the sand and in the water…maybe our town […]

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Cast Bronze and Carved Wooden Sculpture, paint on canvas: Cathy Irving


Perhaps this holiday season, something unique under the tree. Well thought out gifts carry a kindness with them that extends beyond the holidays.  Most of us likely can think back to a few particular gifts over the years that made our heart sing.  Some thing we continue to visit, touch, place in a special spot, or […]

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Made On Mars: handmade jewelry by Consuelo Egan


Rings stacking on rings, beads on silk, I always find inspiration in her display cases. Sea Glass, Seaweed and Silver, hand knotted pearls, semi precious and precious stones in silver and gold. Rings. Bracelets. Bangles. Pendants. Necklaces. Torch in hand, c’mon baby light my (hair on) fire! . Consuelo  Egan creates her one-of-a kind, often aquatic- inspired treasures in her […]

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Craft. Make your gifts this year come from the heart, buy from real artists.

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STATION 1, The Big House.  It’s morning, 8 am on a Tuesday in June.  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but being at a station with 4 rigs and 20 firefighters including the Battalion Chief, I didn’t expect quiet.  The doors to the kitchen were closed, but the hum inside was where the action […]

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Wooden Boats


Each finely sanded and finished, fresh varnish and beautiful lines, wooden boats float silently on the high tide.  Jim Irving, on Harstine Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State, has a routine that carries him, strong busy hands, through the long dark hours of winter.  Up early, with his workshop warmed by a wooden stove, […]

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Martin Romo, San Felipe HERO


INSPIRED, EVERY DAY Meet Martin Romo. Every so often you encounter someone who is truly living with inspiration.  My eyes are always open, looking for those people who are shaking things up, blazing their own path. A few years ago while eating at Rosita Restaurant on the Malecon in San Felipe, we met Martin Romo. Everybody in […]

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